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Fluorescence Light Sources

  • Metal Halide and Pre-Aligned Lamps
  • Alternative to HBO mercury lamps for fluorescence excitation
  • Environmentally-friendly Solution
  • +2000 hour warranty.

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  • Broad range of innovative fluorescence illuminations
  • Maximum stabilility
  • Pre-aligned and long life lamps and easy installation

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White LED light  Sources

  • Large spectrum- 360-750nm
  • Long-life: + 20,000 hour warranty
  • Optimal field uniformity at specimen
  • Instant ON/OFF- No warm-up
  • Minimizes phototoxicity and photobleaching
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Fluorescence Applications in Life Science

Advanced fluorescence applications performed with metal halide or LED X-Cite® light sources. 
Learn how X-Cite® systems can help you to achieve desired results


Fluorescence Microscope Light Sources

 New!! Compact White LED Source – X-Cite 110LED

-A selection of fluorescence illuminators such as arc lamps  and high powered LED white sources.


Fluorescence for Quality and Safety Controls

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Polymerisation Equipments by Ultra Violet

You need to polymerise adhesifs, varnisches, ink by UV lamps or UV LED.

You need to survey or measure / analyse UV light.

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