Optical Power Measurement


The system includes the X-Cite XP750 sensor which has a low, sleek profile that fits on the microscope stage and offers the flexibility of measuring power output from an X-Cite microscope sourcer or any other epi-fluorescence light.


Provides optical data critical for:  

  • Experiment repeatability: know how much power is reaching the sample
  • Imaging System Set-up: determine baseline performance
  • Troubleshooting: quantify the effect of adjusting settings and for servicing individual components
  • Preventative Maintenance: monitor output over time to determine when light guides or lamps need replacement




The X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System measures optical power in Watts at the specimen level that enables consistent and repeatable illumination throughout fluorescence experiments, and also assist in equipment installation and troubleshooting.







Reference: 010-00xxxR

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