Lamp for X-Cite 120 Serie


The powerful 120W lamp used in the X-Cite® 120Q Series provides excitation intensity comparable to, or better than, conventional mercury arc lamps, with an added benefit of a broader spectrum being able to excite more fluorophores.

The lamps have a guaranteed life of 2000 hours.


Applications requiring:
  • Routine imaging protocols requiring high illumination power and medium term stability.

The X-Cite® 120Q lamp is ideally suited for fluorescence microscopes being used in routine assays and as an excitation light source for use in multi-user facilities.


120 W

Guaranteed life of 2000 hours.

This lamp can be used in all X-Cite® 120PCQ and X-Cite® 120Q Series illuminators.


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Emission spectrum of the 012-63000 lamp.









Reference: 012-63000


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