X-Cite 200DC


The X-Cite 200DC fluorescence microscopy illumination system offers the ultimate combination of optical performance, short term stability and a built-in fast shutter.

X-Cite 200DC Microscope Illumination System includes

  • Lamp module
  • Liquid light guide with adaptor
  • Foot pedal
  • Grounded and shielded power cord
  • User guide (on CD)
  • Start guide


Applications requiring

  • high degree of short term (ms) stability
  • high speed shuttering
  • excitation up to 800nm

Compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers.

Novice and experienced microscopists will enjoy the flexibility provided by the smooth 0-100% intensity adjustment and expanded spectral range of this advanced DC stabilized fluorescence light source.


DC Stabilized Fluorescence Light Source & Illumination System


  • 200W Mercury Vapor Short Arc, DC
  • 2000 hours guaranteed, 2500 hours typical
  • Warm-up period: 4mn


  • Front panel button, foot pedal, TTL input/sync output. Response time: 5-6 ms  to open/close (TTL)


  • ND (Neutral Density) mesh, manual dial control, continuous non-detent motion from 0-100%



With the convenience and superior illumination uniformity, the X-Cite 200DC is intuitively easy-to-use design also includes light guide auto-detection to ensure optimized light coupling - every time.

Replacement lamps for the X-Cite® 200DC : 012-66000

Liquid Light guide:

X-Cite Model Comparison.



Reference: XCT 200   010-00283R


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