X-Cite Exacte


The X-Cite Exacte light source has the convenience of pre-aligned, long-life lamps and easy installation combined with innovative functions in the newest generation of mercury arc fluorescence illumination systems.

X-Cite Exacte Microscope
Illumination System includes:

  • Lamp module
  • Liquid light guide with adaptor
  • Foot pedal
  • USB cable
  • Grounded and shielded power cord
  • user and quick-start guide


Applications requiring high
degrees of short term (ms)
or long term (days) stability;
repeatable light levels; full
PC control of shutter and iris.

Novice and experienced microscopists will enjoy the flexibility provided by the smooth 0-100% intensity adjustment and expanded spectral range of this advanced DC stabilized fluorescence light source.

Compatible with wide-field fluorescence microscopes from  major manufacturers.



Ultra Stable Fluorescence Light Source.

Equipped with an iris to provide adjustment of light intensity  in steps as small as 1% from 0-100% the X-Cite® exacte optimizes specimen illumination.

This provides the flexibility and control of intensity attenuation required where photobleaching is a concern.

With the X-Cite® Optical Power Measurement System, light output can also be calibrated in absolute power units or Watts ensuring truly repeatable fluorescence illumination for imaging experiments.


The X-Cite Exacte ultra stable fluorescence light source uses a DC-powered mercury lamp coupled with proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback technology to provide unmatched short and long-term intensity stability, for imaging protocols lasting from milliseconds to days.

X-Cite Model Comparison.

Spare lamps for the X-Cite® units : 012-66000

Liquid Light guide



Reference: XCT10A 010-00200R


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